Falmouth from an artists perspective

What can I say about Falmouth. It takes about 40 minutes to get there by car from Penzance and I just love it. There is the deep Fall estuary with docks, a stunning town with Ferries and a Jetty and some stunning beaches. Swanpool being my favourite. I like to get to the Ferry Jetty there where the small ferries take folk over to St Mawes and out around the headland to see the seals. If you get there early enough you can find a seat and just paint the boats and people getting on and off the ferries. The views are stunning across the bay to Flushing which is another place I love to paint. Getting from Falmouth to Flushing is easy and just above the boathouse at flushing there is a little park that sits on a hill and overlooks the river and the houses of Falmouth. I can sit there for hours admiring the view, but I only have about two hours maximum before the light changes, so I must work fast. Down on the level where the ferry is it is also a good spot to set up an easel.

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Alan is a lifelong artist with a passion for landscapes and outdoor painting. He is based in Penzance, Cornwall where he dedicates his life to his work and capturing the unique beauty of Cornwall.